02 Jan 2024

Navigating Queensland’s Construction Boom: A Land Challenge

Queensland stands at the brink of a remarkable $60 billion construction boom, encompassing both property and industry sectors. However, as the state anticipates a significant surge in population, concerns arise about the availability of land to support this unprecedented growth. As seasoned experts in the construction industry, we at Brandit Digital Marketing understand the importance of strategically aligning homes with the available land – a challenge that requires experience and marketing finesse.

Queensland’s Golden Decade in Construction

According to a report by Colliers, Queensland is gearing up for its most sustained construction boom since 2013-15, with a staggering $60 billion investment. Matthew Mackey, a business leader from Brisbane engineering firm Arcadis, highlights a notable shift in construction focus. In the forecast for 2025, property development is expected to account for almost 45% of the total output, significantly surpassing heavy industry contributions.

The Land Dilemma: A Potential Hurdle

Despite the apparent availability of zoned land, Colliers raises a crucial concern – the time it takes to release this land for development. With 28,718 hectares in southeast Queensland and 54,707 in regional Queensland, there is potential for approximately 400,000 dwellings in the southeast and 200,000 in the regions. However, much of this land faces challenges, such as infrastructure limitations, ownership fragmentation, and preservation concerns.

Unlocking the Potential: A Decade-Long Process

Colliers emphasises that unlocking zoned land can take up to a decade due to environmental pl anning and infrastructure approval processes. While the government asserts there is over 15 years of planned dwelling supply, the reality, as of 2021, reflects only four years of approved supply. The higher-than-expected population growth, fuelled by interstate migration, poses a challenge to meeting the demand for suitable housing.

The Role of Brandit Digital Marketing

In these challenging times, experience in the construction industry becomes invaluable. At Brandit Digital Marketing, we bring decades of expertise to the table. Our understanding of the local market, coupled with digital marketing prowess, ensures that your homes are strategically positioned to meet the evolving demands. We specialise in navigating complexities and ensuring that your construction projects align seamlessly with available land resources. As Queensland races towards 2032, we acknowledge the challenges ahead but remain committed to finding better and smarter ways to deliver construction projects. Our goal is to empower your business, ensuring that you not only meet the demands of this golden decade but thrive in it.


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